Japanese Government Scholarship 2020 ( Undergraduate)

The Goverment of Japan offers scholarships to Sudanese students (higher secondary-school level) who wish to study in undergraduate coureses at Japanese universities under the Japanes Goverment Scholarship porgram for 2020.

Application Procedure

1. Download the application guideline and form from website and prepare related documents for application.
2.Submit all required documents to the Embassy of Japan in Sudan no later than May 23th,2019 (14:00 P.M).late submission is not acceptable regardless of circumstances.
3.Refer to the application guideline for detailed information about the erquired document to submit.
4.After document sdreening shortlidt will be announced on June20th,2019
5.Shortlisted applicants will undego a written exam.to be scheduled later, and those who pass will be interviewsd at the Embassy of Japan in Sudan.