Scholarship Programs & Cultural Cooperation

Japanese Government Scholarship Programs

The Government of Japan offers scholarships to Sudanese students who wish to study and research in graduate courses at Japanese universities under the Japanese Government scholarship programs. The Embassy of Japan in Sudan will perform primary screening of applicants by means of submitted application documents, written examinations and interviews.

We offer 2 types of government scholarship; 1) Postgraduate Scholarship and 2) Teacher Training Scholarship. Both programs are only for university-level degree holders. Schedule of selection and detailed requirements will be announced on this webpage. You can find information on scholarships to study in Japan also from links below.

Postgraduate Scholarship - MEXT 2019

"Postgraduate Scholarship" is for Sudanese nationals who wish to research or get a degree in postgraduate program (master's or doctoral degree) in Japanese universities.

Teacher Training Scholarship

"Teacher Training Scholarship" is for Sudanese teachers who wish to research for one year in postgraduate program of Japanese universities. Applicants must have at least 5 years teaching career.

Cultural Grant Assistance

Grant assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project (GCGP) provides nonrefundable financial assistance to support the implementation of cultural and higher education projects conducted by non-profit organizations (including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local authorities, research and higher education institutions, etc.). that are active at the grass-roots level in Sudan. This program started to be provided to Sudan in 2012.

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