Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Projects (GGP)


The Government of Japan invites entities such asnational and international NGOs accredited by the authorities in Sudanto apply for the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme, in fiscal year 2018(April 2018- March 2019). GGP is a flexible and timely funding scheme which supports community level socio-economic development projects initiated by civil society organizations addressing people’s Basic Human Needs (BHNs).Reflecting the Japanese Government's strong commitment to uphold the concept of "Human Security", GGP programme intends to contribute to improvements in various fields including health, education, and skill training as well as social welfare sectors.

In addition to the General Guideline and Annexes attached, please be advised of the following
information particularly for submitting the project proposals for fiscal year 2018.




The overall goal of GGP is to enhance the wellbeing of people at the grassroots level, based on the conceptof human security, e.g.:

  • Education: Primary education, illiteracy reduction, vocational training, governance, and human resource development in communities.
  • Health: Primary health care, family planning, HIV/AIDS, rehabilitation for people with disabilities, and communicable diseases.
  • Livelihoods: Environmental protection, social welfare for people with disabilities, street children and the elderly, gender issues, violence against women, women’s empowerment, and education for girls.
  • Others: Disaster planning and prevention.

In order to ensure the transparency, monitoring and the follow-up of the funded project for at least 5 years,
the project site shall be confined to the area where the Embassy of Japan can visit to have study tours.  

Eligible Organizations and Amount

Eligible Organizations
Nonprofit organizations, which have implemented economic and social development projects,
e.g.: local NGOs, international NGOs, educational institutions, medical institutions, etc. 

Less than 10 million JPY in principle, financed in USD. 

How to Apply


  1. Please find the GGP 2018 guideline and application form on the website of the Embassy of Japan in Sudan (, and read them carefully before you start preparing for the application.
  2. The application forms can only be delivered by hand and only received after being reviewed and approved by the Program Coordinator for GGP.
  3. You can find the sample file of the required application documents at the Embassy of Japan in order for you to conduct the self-check of the required documents.
  4. Once you are confident that all the required documents and information are in your application package, please contact  Mr.Osama Abu Zied or Ms. Miho Shosenji (Program Coordinators for GGP) for him to check your application documents with you. If your application package does not have all the necessary documents, the Embassy will not receive the application package.
  5. Generally speaking, there is no organization which can prepare all the necessary documents at the first submission; so the applicants are expected to travel to the Embassy of Japan and receive the program coordinator’s consultation until all the required documents are ready.
  6. Please be informed that the application process for GGP is extremely competitive. For fiscal year 2014, we received over 100 applications seeking funding from GGP, whereas the Embassy only approved a few projects in total. It is for your own benefit to ensure the application package contains all necessary information and documents.

     English-base Application
    All the required documents shall be presented in English.
    Deadline for the Application:*
    The deadline for fiscal year 2018 is 30 June 2018.
    The result of the screening will be announced by the end of August. Only the shortlisted organizations will be contacted.
    * We will not accept any applications later than June 30. 

Download Guideline and Application Forms