Ikebana Competition hosted by the Sudanese Horticultural Society

On March 9, Ambassador Hattori attended the Ikebana Competition organized by the Sudanese Horticultural Society as part of the 81st Sudan Horticultural Exhibition held at the Botanic Garden, as the guest of honor and judge. This Ikebana Competition began in 1997, and this was the first competition held in five years since 2018.
Nine participants took part in the Ikebana Competition, in which they showcased their Ikebana arrangements. After the completion of the participants’ arrangements, Ambassador Hattori evaluated them, and awarded trophies to the first, second, and third-place participants as the "Japanese Embassy Award", and presented participation prizes (medals) to all participants.

          Photo with the Participants                                         Ikebana Arrangements by the Participants

                Evaluation by Ambassador Hattori                     Photo with the First Place Winner, Ms. Haram Elnour


         Photo with the Second Place Winner, Ms. Rabab Ibrahim     Photo with the Third Place Winner, Ms. Somaya Idriss