Message From Ambassador HATTORI

Message From Ambassador HATTORI

This is my pleasure to meet you.
I am Takashi HATTORI, an Ambassador of Japan to Sudan. I am delighted to be appointed to Sudan, a country with numerous world heritages of archeological sites and people of warm hospitality, and am looking forward to working in the capital Khartoum where it observes the meeting of two major tributaries of the Nile river.
I am originally from the private sector and had involved myself into the businesses in Africa for 42 years. I have spent 15 years on the African soil, in the states such as Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa. My appointment to Sudan brought me an opportunity to finally work in all major four different cultural zones of Africa, and I am determined to pursue my duty as the final culmination of my life career in Sudan.
The year of 2019 has been a historic turning point for Sudan. Since its establishment, the new Transitional government has been making tremendous efforts in realizing freedom, peace, and justice. The government of Japan upholds the determination of Sudanese people for its nation-building, and will continue to support for the completion of democratic transition of Sudan, both as a friend and as a responsible member of the international society.
Japan has been expanding the support to Sudan in line with the three pillars of 1) Consolidation of Peace, 2) Strengthening of Basic Human Needs, and 3) Agricultural and Industrial Development. While maintaining this main direction, in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need for the independency of Sudanese economy, I am planning to focus more on the systematic advancement of medical and health sectors as well as agricultural supports and human resource development.
Sudan possesses five times larger land compared to Japan, and 60% of it is arable. The population of Sudan is more than 45 million and the majority consists of younger generation. With such rich land and human resources, Sudan is blessed with a huge potential for development. In addition to tightening the governmental relationships and invigorating human exchanges, I would like to contribute to deepening the Japan-Sudan bilateral relations through the construction of private sector partnerships and encouragement of investments, making the very best of my knowledge cultivated in my experience in the African businesses.
Thank you very much.
August 2020
Ambassador of Japan to Sudan